Do you see that photo? That’s how Monday went. That’s my hot coffee that I hadn’t gotten more than 2 sips out of before walking 20 feet into our building and the darn lid popped off and exploded everywhere! Really Monday? Is this how we are now? I thought we were friends.. ok no, that’s completely fabricated. We have never been friends, but this was dirty.  Caffeinated wasteland.

The day was better than I have seen lately. My son was in a much better mood and place, although he’s a bit bouncing off the wall. We went to his first counseling appointment tonight. I had to giggle. I can barely get 5 words out of him about his day and the counselor tried, but insisted he just wanted him to be comfortable in his presence. I grinned, I knew it just wasn’t going as planned. If you ever need a good poker player, i guarantee my kiddo will win each time. His poker face is spot on.

We’ll see where this takes us. It is either going to be great and work out well or a complete waste of my HSA account. I am hoping it’s going to be a success. Prayers!

My daughter just hugged me and farted on my leg.
I’m no longer praying for Prince Charming for her.

So, I feel horrible for saying this, but I totally LOVE when people tell me messed up stories about their kids. I try to give them a look of compassion and understanding, but underneath I am like yes! Your kid is just as effed up as mine, wait no, that was even better than mine! Tell  me more! I do, I honestly cannot contain my joy sometimes. I wonder what parents are thinking when I am like “mm.. I see.. so what else have they done lately?”  I truly care and have complete compassion but I honestly enjoy it and feel so normal in the moment. Is that so wrong? Eh.

But seriously, I feel like parents actually know that I feel this way and sometimes like to share their stories to make me feel better about some of our situations, but possibly validate their own. Like, “Oh, if we tell Cyndi this story and she smiles, then our kids really did something effed up, but if she dismisses it, we are in the clear!” I’m a walking typical – child judger. Bring me all of your chaos and let me tell you 1-10 how messed up your day was and then I will shoot you down to a 2! Done!

On another note, my dog has realized that if he sits by the side door, I will take him outside and he will have a better chance of getting a treat than if he goes to the front door. It’s due to placement of the treats. So now, everytime I look up he is sitting there. Then he goes outside and stands at the door. Then he stares at me. Then he won’t come in unless there is a treat waiting his arrival. It took me an afternoon to realize he was a greedy little jerk and just wanted to get his snack on! He fooled me. Apparently he’s smarter than I am. WTH Sull?!

My kid is in the bath and just turned the jets on. I cannot wait to walk into that splash pad!

I spent the evening hanging out with my grandma. She picked our daughter up off the bus tonight when I took our son to the counselor. She’s a blessing. I swear to goodness that woman is an absolutely blessing. She is 79 years young and one of the greatest women on this planet. Her heart is so open and her soul is so genuine. If you have a grandma like her, hi-5. Give her hugs and tell her how amazing she is. I don’t know what I would do without her. My kids call her “Grandma Nack nack” which started when my daughter was 2 or 3. It actually means “Grandma Fruit Snack” because she always has a pocket full of fruit snacks for the kids. lol. They think that’s just her name now. It suits her. What Grandma doesn’t have a sweet treat for the kiddos? See, she’s amazing!

I just called for my dog and he didn’t come. I said “Treats!” and he literally popped his head around the door frame. HE WAS WAITING THERE THE WHOLE TIME! I wish that happened for me and wine. I’m not coming in the house until you yell MOSCATO!! I feel like they would just leave me outside in the cold.

Well, enjoy the evening. Count your blessings!


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