I have to also mention something.

If you ever think something isn’t right with your kid, don’t sit it out and wait. Don’t let the fear of the unknown cripple you to the point you cannot do anything to help. You can always help. You are your child’s biggest advocate. I know I post some goofy things about my kid and say some sarcastic things, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. That is me knowing every inch of him and how he feels and reacts and processes. My personal mantra, that I tell every mom, dad, uncle, grandma etc that I meet is, “Don’t ever let a diagnosis tell you more about your child than you already know.”  Kids learn at different paces and speeds than other kids. Stop trying to place them into a mold and start molding life to fit them. Wonderful things will happen when you step back and watch.

That being said. Public school wasn’t the best option for our son. We tried it. It did not work for what he needed. Not saying anything bad about public school, I have an uncle, an aunt and a cousin who were and are amazing public school teachers! I am so proud of them and what they do for kids daily. However, it wasn’t what we needed or what he needed.

We found a school for children with mild to moderate learning disabilities. This encompassed High Functioning Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Speech disorders, etc etc. A school with small classroom sizes and more individualized attention with therapists and resources at every fingertip.  The school is called Julie Billiart.

She was a saint and so is the school! It’s a catholic based school (we are not catholic), and they intertwine religion, intervention therapy courses, traditional curriculum, social classes, one on one attention and other pieces into their days. It’s quite amazing.

My son loves his teachers so much. They put up with a lot. I cannot ever thank them enough for what they do on a daily basis with him and for the other children at JB. They just get them. When they don’t get them, they talk to parents. They ask the right questions and plan to help your child. I can honestly say, I feel relaxed when he goes to school. It used to scare the Es Aych Eye Tee (SHIT) out of me when I dropped him off at school. Now I just know he is in good hands. I love them and like to think it’s completely reciprocated.

Cheers to JB and everything it does. You have my heart and my total confidence.

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