Oh and by the way.. the birthday party.
Here’s a checklist of events for your viewing pleasure.

  1. McDonald’s meltdown.. mom wanted coffee and passed the golden arches.. kids melted down and wouldn’t believe there was going to be food there. To avoid the hazard to come, I waited 25 minutes in the lunch rush to get those happy meals.
  2. A finger was stuck in a cupcake and eaten before happy birthday was sang
  3.  Puddles everywhere. Completely visible puddles.. why avoid them when you can step right in them?
  4. 3 drinks dropped on the playground
  5. Opening presents of the birthday girl because he knew she would want to see what was inside (It was already unwrapped – but not opened)
  6. Hot pink cupcake icing.. on my butt
  7. Did you eat another cupcake? No.. ::orange icing face – previously hot pink::

Just a few moments for you. It was so fun!

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