Well.. that was fun. Mom’s don’t get sick right? WE DO. WE GET HELLA SICK. WE GET HORRIBLY AWFULLY TERRIBLY NO GOOD VERY BAD SICK! I don’t know if it was food poisoning or if it was a bug but it took this ship doooooown. The mothership sank to the ocean floor with no life preserver coming to save her. The fathership is still down, but we all know it takes a little longer for the male species to recover. (He really is sick though I feel bad’ish).

Raising two kiddos and mind you they are very loud children and taking some time to rest is not always an easy task. We sent them to my in-laws for a night so we could sleep. I however could not sleep. I had sharp stabbing pains in my stomach so I had to sit up in a chair and sweat all throughout the night until I felt sick again or the dog wanted to go outside. It was a joyous 36 hours.

Now I am sitting here with hot chocolate reminiscing on all of the things I did not do this week. Meal prepping. Laundry. Laundry. Dishes. Laundry. Matching socks for my children. (Gym is on Tuesday and Thursday. I do not care if they don’t match on Monday, Wednesday or Fridays. Black is black. If your left toe is green and your right it orange but the rest of your sock matches, no one will see it. Put your shoes on. bu-bye!) However my daughter has to wear a jumper for her uniform so she is more exposed and likes knee socks or tights – -scratch that. She calls tights, “Sock Pants”. This makes complete sense if you think about it.

Sock Pants. She’s a brilliant child. The first time she mentioned sock pants I laughed my butt off. Everyone did. People started buying her different themed “sock pants” for the hopes of her saying it to them. If you sit back and think about them. That’s all they are! They are pants with built in socks. I hate the words “panty hose”. Ew. That’s awkward. Honey go put on your “paaaaanty hose”. What is that? “panty” is a strange enough word. Get your underpants and your sock pants and lets get out the door! Tags in the back kids.


So, Christmas is coming. I gave the kids catalogs to circle things to ask from Santa. I don’t even know why I try. My son circled 2 small things and 4 power wheels. He’s 90lbs and he is 7. He cannot fit in or drive a power wheel. Our daughter circled all affordable, sensible things. Then she got to the back page and it was $300 in L.O.L Surprise everything! Those damn dolls are taking over our house! They are GENIUS! The wrapping takes up 20 minutes of my life. The throwing away of the wrapping and calculating to make sure each accessory bag is still there before the wrapping hits the trash is another 10 minutes. Then it is 10 minutes of reassurance that I did not throw away an accessory bag. Then it’s 5 minutes of me re-looking and realizing I did throw one away. Oops. Then comes the guide. We have to meticulously look over the guide. We read the secret message or decode the secret spy messages with the tiny eye glass. Then we open carefully. IS IT RARE? IS IT FANCY? IS IT CHIC? COULD IT BE … ULTRA RARE?!

Now they have tiny locks you have to figure out. That takes another 20 minutes. I got every single one of them wrong before it was right. An hour of my life is spent opening these little gizmos. But, one hour is spent of watching her squeal in absolutely joy and excitement and it makes that $12.99-$14.99 item worth every cent… every time.

My parents have a home in Florida. Their neighbors are from England. We were heading to see them and my daughter found out there was a “Cheeky babe” english L.O.L. doll. She begged me for weeks to try to find one. She was on a mission. Wouldn’t you know (I am truly NOT making this up) the morning of our trip, I stopped at Walmart and grabbed a few things. There was an LOL. I grabbed that. I got my son a few things. The more entertainment on the plane the better right? Well, Cheeky babe was in that ball. She was ecstatic! She took it with us and gave it to the neighbors and was so proud. It really is sweet.

It’s not so sweet that the doll house is $180 and the new surprise box is $79.99. I may start a GoFundMe for LOL Surprise Dolls.

We turned off the electronics today and made our kids play together. It was the damndest thing! They found some of their old toys. They drug them out and made horrific messes, but we didn’t care. The day was tolerable. Our son got a little heightened when he would remember we weren’t letting them play on our phones, but he just couldn’t get what he wanted. Buddy, mama wants to weigh what she weighs on her driver’s license, but we can’t all get what we want! He did work through it and we had a pretty good day.

I did have a moment today that I had to step back and take a time out. I know that sounds silly. I am an adult. I should be able to handle myself as an adult. I wasn’t feeling the best early this morning and the kids were loud. They were a bit argumentative. Our son wasn’t listening at all. He would hear a few words and block out everything else. It was making things very unsteady for me.  (I know this contradictory of the last paragraph – but this was just a MOMENT in the day. Not the whole day. Moments make up a day. One moment is an isolated instance.) I had to just step away and take a break. I felt myself getting angry and I don’t want to be an angry mom. I don’t want my kids to see me angry just because they are having a difficult moment. I told my husband I needed to go get my prescription and our son’s new one. I then got coffee and stopped to see my best friend. I told her I wanted to sit outside in the sunshine and just talk about nothing. So that’s what we did. 30 minutes later I went home and I was better. We all need to step back sometimes and reflect on our feelings and why we are feeling the way we are. We all have breaking points. We all have triggers. We are human. Having a kiddo with some “stuff going on”, doesn’t make it any easier, but it’s not an excuse to pretend life isn’t happening. It’s real. I urge anyone and everyone to make sure they take a little time for themselves. Don’t pencil it in. Just do it. You’ll never regret a moment you spent on your own mental health and wellness.

Well, it’s time to fold laundry. Just kidding. I’m going to go watch something on Netflix. I’ve earned it. This weekend was a wash.. literally a sanitizing wash. (I did mop and lysol, wipe, sweep, scrub bathrooms and wash the dog who decided to go swim in the pond.. I can’t say all was lost!)

G’night all!

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