Well.. that was fun. Mom’s don’t get sick right? WE DO. WE GET HELLA SICK. WE GET HORRIBLY AWFULLY TERRIBLY NO GOOD VERY BAD SICK! I don’t know if it was food poisoning or if it was a bug but it took this ship doooooown. The mothership sank to the ocean floor with no life … More EPISODE SEVEN


Do you see that photo? That’s how Monday went. That’s my hot coffee that I hadn’t gotten more than 2 sips out of before walking 20 feet into our building and the darn lid popped off and exploded everywhere! Really Monday? Is this how we are now? I thought we were friends.. ok no, that’s … More EPISODE FOUR


Oh and by the way.. the birthday party. Here’s a checklist of events for your viewing pleasure. McDonald’s meltdown.. mom wanted coffee and passed the golden arches.. kids melted down and wouldn’t believe there was going to be food there. To avoid the hazard to come, I waited 25 minutes in the lunch rush to … More EPISODE THREE